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Helping your brand thrive.

Beau Design was created to add value to your product or service through design.

About me
About Me

My name is Matt, the founder of Beau Design and a freelance graphic designer based in Melbourne. My approach is simple; we discuss your project requirements, I create, and then we collaborate to deliver a design that exceeds your expectations.

Experienced Graphic Designer

With my studies stretching from Marketing Management to Human Centred Design, I am well equipped to create designs that drive results and solve your problems. I have 10 years graphic design experience and have lead a marketing division for physiotherapy clinics across Australia and worked within the highly competitive automotive industry for the Subaru, Peugeot and Citroen brands.

How I Work

Efficiency and transparency are at the forefront when I am designing for you. My design studio is online-based, meaning all communications are completed via a phone chat or video call. It saves you and I time from commuting and I can still deliver a unique and creative design that you are proud to showcase.

You can also expect sheer enthusiasm to understand your business and your needs. One of the most exciting parts of the whole process for me is translating your vision into reality, and we will work together to make this happen!

The Value Of Good Design

The difference between a mediocre freelance designer and an excellent freelance designer is their ability to understand your business, your strategy and the audience thoroughly. What’s consistently drilled into you as a marketing and design professional is to deliver value. The design will need to communicate your message effectively and be aesthetic, but how does it help achieve the overall objective? And this is where I come in! 

I will help you connect your idea with a design that: 

  • Increases sales and drives revenue
  • Communicates your brand through visual identity 
  • Delivers a design that will set your brand apart
  • Drives more conversions with optimised digital assets  

Final words

Great design helps to improve your business, it achieves results and is a communication tool to connect your brand with what matters most, the customer. Interested in how the design process works, from brief to final design delivery? Get started below.

Design Process

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Get in touch to start your project

Please fill in the form below, and I will get back to you within 24 hours regarding pricing estimates and timelines for your project requirements.