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Frequently Asked Questions

Projects can last from two days to two months, depending on the size and scale of the work. Once I have received the brief, I will supply you with a timeline. If you require work in a short time scale, I will make this happen and always deliver on time.

My base is in Melbourne, Australia; however, I welcome any clients from far and wide, please reach out.

I do not have printing equipment, however, I have a relationship with an affordable and quality printer which I can organise to get your new design printed for you!

I accept bank deposits and credit card payment. (Credit card payments and overseas payments do have merchant fees)

Once the project is completed, and the final payment confirmed, I will transfer over the copyrighted assets. Copyright is free and will safeguard your assets. 

A Trademark can be an asset that you wish to own outright such as a logo, phrase or picture. A Trademark is an essential item to consider when developing your marketing strategy. 

There are two options when trademarking your work:

  1. You can use the ™ symbol, which indicates you are claiming your asset. However, without a registered trademark, it can make it difficult to prevent others from copying your assets.
  2. The second and safer option is registering your trademark. The advantage over the first option is that it’s easier to protect yourself in case someone uses your assets. 

Once you receive your designs, I will provide you final assets to include the ™ symbol, and if you want to go a step further and register your assets, you can do so here